From a long afternoon of tanning at the beach to a motorcycle cruise through the Southwestern desert, everyone battles the heat. Rather than struggle through hot temperatures, Misty Mate’s 10 oz. Sport Breeze personal misters offers a perfect way to ensure you can savor your time in the sun.

Pairing a 10 oz. Misty Mate Pump with a personal handheld fan, owners of this misting package can combine a refreshing mist with a fan for maximum comfort or use each accessory independently. When used intermittently, the pump lasts up to 2 hours, and the fan operates on 2 AA batteries. The pump’s built-in belt clip makes traveling with this misting unit convenient, and its design fits most car cup holders and bicycle bottle holders. Staying cool won’t weigh you down, either; the pump weighs less than 2 pounds with a fully stocked water reservoir.

Why dread your time outdoors? Why spend another day sweating away the hours? At an affordable price of $19.99, Misty Mate’s 10 oz. Sport Breeze combo package brings misting and cooling powers to relieve high temperatures and hot sun.