This is not just another mister.

Meet the Misty 8, the world’s most advanced personal mister. Representing over 10 years of development, the Misty 8’s design allows for use in any hot or sunny environment without relying on batteries or any type of electricity. With a sleek, transparent look, this personal mister is part of the next generation of personal misting technology. Constructed of high-grade polycarbonate material, this product was built to endure long days in the heat.
Misty 8 Sleeve

With a fluid capacity of 8 ounces, the Misty 8 is one of the most versatile products of the complete Misty Mate line. Users can count on the Misty 8 for hours of continuous temperature relief without the hassles of refilling the water reservoir.  For owners looking to maintain the premium appearance of the Misty 8, the Misty 8 Sleeve is a high-tech neoprene casing that protects the exterior of the product and allows for hands-free carrying with a convenient belt loop attachment.