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Keepin Cool 6

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Product Description

The totally portable Keepin' Cool 6 outdoor mist system provides a cool environment from the heat wherever you need it.

Keepin Cool 6

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Additional Information

The totally portable Keepin’ Cool 6 outdoor mist system provides a cool environment from the heat wherever you need it. The pre-assembled Keepin’ Cool 6 system attaches securely to your patio fascia and provides 10 feet of mist to cool the ambient temperature by up to 30°F.

• Made with an 1/8" Polyethylene hose, making the system lightweight and portable
• 10 feet of Mist Line
• 10 feet of Supply Line
• 6 MicroMist Technology Nozzles
• 6 Plastic Nozzle Fittings (preassembled to the mist line with 2' spacing)
• Badge Clips for Mounting the system

Perfect For:

• Umbrellas
• Fences
• Patios
• Garages
• Pet Kennels and Pet Areas
• Chairs

Note: This system cannot be used in conjunction with a Booster Pump. It is designed to be used with Standard Household water pressure (60-80psi) only!

Customer Reviews

Donna  (Friday, July 18, 2014)
i set it up on my deck, my pants myself, and the animals are loving this. wanted 2 thru home depot, but only one was in order, they ran out. that's what i get for tellin...more >
Cecil  (Tuesday, June 3, 2014)
u wont regret buying it works so good we love ours cecil hill
Gerrie  (Friday, July 22, 2011)
The system is keeping us very cool in this July heatwave. Works great under the patio umbrella.
Renee  (Saturday, October 9, 2010)
I recently had a summer party and your Keepin' Cool misting system worked like a charm! it kept my guestss cool and happy. Now everyone wants one for themselves!!! What a great gift idea!
Senchal  (Saturday, October 9, 2010)
Thanks for your great product! I love Misty Mate, and my orchids love it too

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