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Misty 3

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The ultraslim, lightweight, and highly versatile Misty 3 is the next generation hand-held personal mister offering premium performance and cutting-edge design.

Misty 3

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Additional Information

The battery-free Misty 3 pressurizes easily by hand and with a push of a button it propels an ultra-fine mist. Use the Misty 3 to cool your body anytime you’re in the sun or sand. With a fluid capacity of 3 oz, this reusable mister is constructed of heat-resistant polycarbonate and other high-grade plastic components to deliver a continuous stream of ultra-fine mist on command.

• Hand pump allows you to easily add pressure to the bottle.
• Push button allows for a continuous stream of ultra fine mist on command.

Customer Reviews

Josie  (Saturday, October 9, 2010)
I am a tennis pro at a private resort and had a tournament held in July and August. The players were getting extremely tired and were unable to play. I had my Misty Mate and would mist them during the change over . This totally revitalized them!

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