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About Us


MistyMate® is the world’s leading manufacturer of consumer misting and cooling products. Founded in 1989 with the invention and patent of the world’s first pressure-operated personal mister, MistyMate® is the pioneering company of the mist-cooling industry and has been the leading cooling brand for more than 25 years. Today, MistyMate®’s varietal product line remains faithful to a rich history of innovation to create unparalleled consumer cooling products.


We Create the World's Most Advanced Misting Products

Consumer cooling products are the foundation of our company, and at our core are cutting edge misting products that deliver continuously streaming mist using environmentally friendly technologies. Our personal misters and misting systems represent the industry flagship in terms of design, quality, and performance. Just ask our millions of satisfied customers who have depended on MistyMate® products in every condition from leisure, lifestyle, sports, camping and outdoor living to military and survival applications.

Science & Technology

Years of research and development have yielded the creation of MistyMate® personal and patio misting systems. Our superior range of systems deliver continuously streaming, ultra-fine mist that will immediately cool surrounding air temperature. Misting works on the basic concept of evaporative cooling. When cool mist is propelled into warmer air – much like the spray from ocean waves – it evaporates and lowers the surrounding air and body temperature – keeping you cool in even the hottest environments!