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Other Accessories

Other Accessories


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  1. 10 Foot Supply Line

    10 Foot Supply Line


    Is the distance between your spigot and your patio longer than 10ft? This 10ft Supply line will easily connect to your existing Supply Line and lengthen your lead hose.
  2. Brass Nozzle Plugs

    Brass Nozzle Plugs


    Use Brass Nozzle Plugs to cover up any misting outlet. Available in a 5-pack or a 10-pack for $15.00 more.




    + High quality manual timer automates your MistyMate® misting system
    + Compatible with all MistyMate® misting systems
    + Select desired time in 15-minute increments up to 2 hours
    + Automatically shuts off water flow once selected time has completed
    + Standard 3/4” Threading
    + Entirely eco-powered – requires no batteries or
    electricity of any kind
    + H2O Conserving
    + Highly Versatile – can be utilized outside of mist-cooling applications
  4. HP Booster Pump

    HP Booster Pump


    A great enhancement to the Cool Patio Deluxe Series! Increase your water pressure up to 180 psi!
  5. HP Patio Splice Kit

    HP Patio Splice Kit


    Do you need a longer misting system, but already have one installed? Use the MistyMate HP Splice Kit to connect two MistyMate HP Misting Systems together.
  6. MicroMist Plugs

    MicroMist Plugs


    Customize your misting system with these revolutionary MicroMist Nozzle Plugs and "shut off" the mist from individual nozzles. Available in a 5-pack or a 10-pack for $15.00 more.
  7. Mounting Brackets

    Mounting Brackets


    Secure your MistyMate Patio System with extra Mounting Brackets!
  8. Plastic Hose Splitter

    Plastic Hose Splitter


    The Outdoor Faucet Splitter will allow you to simultaneously use a Misty Mate Misting System and your standard garden hose. Available in a 2-pack only for $9.99.


8 Item(s)

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