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  1. MicroMist Nozzles

    MicroMist Nozzles


    NEW GRAY COLOR REINFORCED & STRENGTHENED NOZZLE. Also includes 1 Spigot Hose Washer. MistyMate MicroMist Technology Nozzles are a new and unique alternative to the commonly used Brass misting nozzles. BUY 2 PACKS GET 1 FREE.
  2. Misty 8 Sleeve

    Misty 8 Sleeve


    Extend the life of your Misty 8 with MistyMate’s high-tech neoprene sleeves.
  3. Classic Mister O-Ring

    Classic Mister O-Ring


    Large O-Ring for Classic Personal Misters
  4. Misty 16 Sleeve

    Misty 16 Sleeve


    This “second-skin” is the perfect complement to the Misty 16 personal mister.
  5. Misty 24 Sleeve

    Misty 24 Sleeve


    The Misty 24 sleeve allows the Misty 24 to attach securely to your person when you need hands-free operation.
  6. Classic Mistronic Fan

    Classic Mistronic Fan


    The Classic Mistronic Fan is an accessory for your Classic Series portable misters that helps to circulate and evaporate the mist, significantly enhancing the cooling effect.
  7. Classic On/Off Valve

    Classic On/Off Valve


    The Classic On/Off Valve is a convenient accessory to have on-hand if you own a Personal Mister from the Classic Series.


7 Item(s)

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