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Health Benefits


Health  Benefits

For more than two decades, MistyMate® has been leading the industry with the engineering, design, and manufacture of patented products that provide advanced mist technology on demand. Our products have been designed with over 20 years of consumer research.  And that means we've been listening to you, our loyal customers.  

For people who are heat sensitive as a result of spinal-cord injury (SCI), multiple sclerosis (MS), or any other medical disorder that doesn't allow the body to regulate its temperature properly, summer's heat can pose a serious health threat.   MistyMate®'s personal cooling products can work well within theevaporative cooling vein.  Sure, you can mist the area around you and flash evaporate some mist to get a cooling effect, but you can also directly mist your skin and let the slightest breeze (even by motion) evaporate the water from your skin, which removes heat at the same time!

Mowing the lawn is one of Jennifer Howard's summer chores, but it’s not necessarily one of her favorites. 'I get extremely hot especially because it's in the sun and on a hot summer day, it's bad!,' she said.  That's why she agreed to check out MistyMate®, which says it will cool air as much as 30 degrees and it doesn’t require batteries. Jennifer followed the directions, which instructed users to fill the bottom of the bottle with water to the top hose inside, replace the cap and pump it up. She even added a few ice cubes to make the mist even cooler, then screwed on the top and pumped it. The mist came right out and she said she felt cooler right away.

“I would use it [even] more for if I was going for a run or if I was bike riding or something of that nature.”  But does it work?  “It works. Yeah, it definitely works.”

The Dangers of Heat
In the past 10 years, more people have died in the United States from heat related illnesses than from hurricanes, tornadoes, lightning and fires combined. The numbers are staggering. In Europe, over 20,000 people died from the heat during the summer of 2003.  Prevention, knowledge and preparedness are the keys to prevent disaster from happening.  Army medical studies have revealed that 20% of all people exposed to 90°F or more suffer from some sort of heat related injury. Not all heat-related illnesses are incapacitating but all of them cause some sort of reduction in performance. 

Heat Stroke
Heat stroke occurs when the body fails to regulate its own temperature and body temperature continues to rise, often to 105°F or higher. A person with heat stroke may stop sweating.  Heat stroke can develop without exertion when a person is exposed to a hot environment. Exertional heat stroke may develop when a person is working or exercising in a hot environment. The body may sweat profusely but it still produces more heat than it can lose. Both types of heat stroke cause severe dehydration and can cause body organs to stop functioning. Emergency medical treatment is needed to prevent death.

Heat Exhaustion
Heat Exhaustion occurs when the body cannot sweat enough to cool itself. It generally develops when a person is working or excercising in hot weather.  Heat exhaustion can sometimes lead to heat stroke, which requires emergency medical treatment.

Heat Tetany
Heat Tetany is usually a result of short periods of stress in intense heat environments. Under these stressful conditions a person can hyperventilate. It can lead to respiratory problems, numbness and tingling or muscle spasms. Treatment includes cooling the person down and slowing the breathing pattern.  There are numerous other heat related injuries including: Heat Rash, Heat Cramps, Heat Sycope (fainting) and Heat Edema (swelling).

MistyMate® Misters can help prevent heat related illnesses and help in the recovery process. Independent laboratories have proven a 30°F temperature drop when using MistyMate® at 15% humidity with lukewarm tap water. Above 70% humidity just add ice for a refreshingly cool sensation.