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Misting Systems

Misting Systems

MistyMate® has transformed luxurious misting systems, seen on restaurant patios and expensive homes, to become affordable by taking the technology in those misting systems and making a product that every household can enjoy. MistyMate® misting systems are affordable, easy to install and do not require any technical know-how or a professional installer. All MistyMate® Misting Systems attach directly to a garden hose or outdoor spigot and run off of standard water pressure allowing them to conserve both energy and water. MistyMate®’s misting systems are the highest quality, pre-assembled flexible misting systems in the market. Any owner of a MistyMate® misting system is sure to make their home the next hit of any summer party or barbecue without the hassle or expense of custom installations.


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  1. Cool Patio 32 Combo

    Cool Patio 32 Combo


    This mega-system comes pre-assembled, Complete with 17 of our exclusive MicroMist nozzles that deliver a continuous stream of ultra-fine mist, & can cool the ambient temperature up to 30°f. Includes Bonus: CoolTimer




    + High quality manual timer automates your MistyMate® misting system
    + Compatible with all MistyMate® misting systems
    + Select desired time in 15-minute increments up to 2 hours
    + Automatically shuts off water flow once selected time has completed
    + Standard 3/4” Threading
    + Entirely eco-powered – requires no batteries or
    electricity of any kind
    + H2O Conserving
    + Highly Versatile – can be utilized outside of mist-cooling applications
  3. End Cap Fitting

    End Cap Fitting


    Customize your Cool Patio Misting System with our nozzle End Cap Fitting.
  4. MicroMist Nozzle Extensions

    MicroMist Nozzle Extensions


    Customize your Patio Mist System with our Nozzle Extensions! Do you want the mist to spray further or at a unique angle? These nozzle extensions are the perfect solution for any MistyMate Patio Mister! Includes 5 MicroMist Extensions.
  5. HP Booster Pump

    HP Booster Pump


    A great enhancement to the Cool Patio Deluxe Series! Increase your water pressure up to 180 psi!
  6. HP Misting Fan 8

    HP Misting Fan 8

    Call for Price

    Out of stock

    Call For Details -1-800-233-MIST
    The Arctic Blast Professional Misting Fans are the most effective cooling devices we offer!
  7. 10 Foot Supply Line

    10 Foot Supply Line


    Is the distance between your spigot and your patio longer than 10ft? This 10ft Supply line will easily connect to your existing Supply Line and lengthen your lead hose.
  8. MicroMist Nozzles

    MicroMist Nozzles


    NEW REINFORCED & STRENGTHENED NOZZLE. MistyMate MicroMist Technology Nozzles are a new and unique alternative to the commonly used Brass misting nozzles.
  9. MicroMist Plugs

    MicroMist Plugs


    Customize your misting system with these revolutionary MicroMist Nozzle Plugs and "shut off" the mist from individual nozzles. Available in a 5-pack or a 10-pack for $15.00 more.
  10. Brass Nozzles

    Brass Nozzles


    The Brass and Stainless Steel Nozzle is comprised of a brass casing and a high quality stainless steel orifice. Available in either a 5-pack or a 10-pack for $15.00 more.


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