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  1. Misty 2.5 - 2 Pack

    Misty 2.5 - 2 Pack


    The perfect balance of micromist technology and mobility for everyday activities. The ultra-slim, lightweight, and highly versatile Misty 2.5 personal mister is optimally designed for mobility.

    Save $4.00 on this 2-pack of Misty 2.5's!

    Includes two Steel Blue Misty 2.5's.
  2. Arctic Tie

    Arctic Tie


    The Arctic Tie will keep you cool for hours when you’re out in the sun or sand.
  3. Stay Cool Pack

    Stay Cool Pack


    The perfect combination of Personal Misters and Body Apparel! The Stay Cool Pack includes Misty 2.5's and Arctic Ties that will keep you cool for hours!


3 Item(s)

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