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How Do You Use Your MistyMate?  Share Your Story with Us!

Millions of MistyMate customers have discovered innovative ways to use their MistyMate!  Share your story with us!


#33 - At the Beach:
"I really enjoy using my MistyMate personal mister at the beach. I sweat easily and using this product daily during my walking exercises at the beach is a great relief, especially on our hot and sunny days here in Hawaii. I've increased my walk times and distances thanks to your fabulous product. 'Mahalo and Aloha,' and continue making great products in the future. Maybe you should name this the 'Universal MistyMate Mister' for its versatility!" – Donald G., Hawaii


#87 - At the Gym:
"My MistyMate is 6 years old and still works fine.  I use it every day at the gym!  Yesterday, my friends and I entered a basketball tournament at our gym and decided to take use our personal misters during breaks.  Final score: Team with MistyMate 12, Team without MistyMate 4!" – Pat C., Canada 



#21 - At a Summer Party:
"I recently had a summer party and your Keepin' Cool misting system worked like a charm! It kept my guests cool and happy. Now everyone wants one for themselves. What a great gift idea!" – Renee B., New York 


#09 - While Playing Tennis:
"I am a tennis pro at a private resort and direct a tournament held in July and August which are the hottest times of the year. During the tournament the players were getting extremely tired and were unable to play to their full potential. Luckily I had my MistyMate with me and would mist them during the change over times. This totally revitalized them and helped them play better! I will recommend MistyMate to all of my tennis students!" – Josie M., Michigan


#94 - Watering my Flowers:
"I am a home orchid grower who works part-time with professional growers selling orchids at shows. As such, I have never seen everything offered for orchids and know their needs, and there is nothing like a MistyMate! I was tired of the hand pump misters, but none of them had the 'very fine mist' they advertised. Imagine my surprise when I finally got a fine mist with an easy to manipulate hose and container. I can also get under the leaves for once. Thanks for your great product! I love MistyMate, and my orchids love it too!" – Senchal H., California


#65 - Working Outside:
"I am an electrical contractor and work outside 90% of the time. In the summer it gets so hot and humid that the heat drains all of my energy. I have tried a number of products to reduce the heat but found nothing to help me until MistyMate! I cannot say enough good things about my MistyMate personal mister. It boosts my energy by reducing the heat at those times when I feel I can't work any longer." – Brian A., Florida


#25 – Riding my Motorcycle
"My wife and I love to ride motorcycles, but in the summer the heat is hard to bear. Your MistyMate system is the only way we can continue to ride year-round and stay refreshed and cool. We cannot thank you enough for making that possible! Anyone who enjoys the outdoors should get one." – Larry T., Louisiana