While football season has approached, not many football fans living in the warmer climates have the priviledge of watching their favorite football team in a domed stadium. Of course the famous domed stadium of the Arizona Cardinals, made famous by the 2007 Super Bowl, was created due to the blistering heat of the foothills desert, which prevents heat exhaustion.

For the football fans who attend football games in non-domed stadiums, Misty Mate offers youyour own personal mister! Not only does it keep you cool but prevents heat exhaustion so you can sit back, jump around and cheer loud for your men in your favorite color of red, white or blue!

Misty Mate misters keeps your body temperature at a normal level which prevents heat exhaustion. So no passing out during those hot and humid football games, let Misty Mate personal misters keep you cool and cheering all football season long!