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MistyMate.com Affiliate Program

Join the MistyMate Affiliate Program and we'll pay you a percentage of every sale that you help generate! MistyMate.com is the world’s leading manufacturer of consumer mist products, and we have a long history of success with our affiliates.  We are eager to establish close relationships with our affiliates and are open to helping out in any way we can.

Let us answer some of the most commonly asked questions about our affiliate program:

What is an affiliate program?  It is a program that allows websites to sell a product on a commission basis. In other words, if you have a website, you can advertise for MistyMate.com and when a users clicks from your site to MistyMate.com and purchases something from us, we'll pay you a percentage of that sale.

How many products does MistyMate.com sell?
We offer the world’s largest selection of consumer misting products.  You will not find a more diverse collection of misting products on the web. View our award-winning MistyMate.com Store.

How much do you pay per sale?
We pay a percentage of each sale that you generate at MistyMate.com. Our commission structure is very flexible based on your volume but is generally 15%.  Ultimately your rate depends on the number of sales you generate.

How do you know when a customer places an order?
We use very sophisticated tracking programs through a third-party called ShareASale.com. They monitor, track, and audit all activity and purchases.

How do I get paid?
ShareASale.com will send you a check on the 20th of every month for the commissions you have earned.