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Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally FriendlySince 1989, when MistyMate® invented the world’s first “portable mist cooling device” that utilized no batteries or motors, we have been focused on creating comfort without the need for aerosols or environmentally damaging batteries that pollute our groundwater.  Today, MistyMate® represents the industry flagship of design, quality and performance that still remains green by nature with a complete line of personal and patio cooling products that operate entirely free of batteries or any other electrical power source.


The MistyMate® brand has become synonymous with re-usable cooling products that provide comforting relief from the heat while conserving water – at a time when clean water is widely considered a precious resource that is becoming more and more scarce to humanity.  Consequently, MistyMate® is the only personal mister that actually provides continuous streaming mist delivered entirely off of human power as opposed to battery-operated fan devices that normally release water in “spurts”.  Our tight manufacturing tolerances ensure that only ½ gallon of water is used per hour, if the system were left “On” continuously – ensuring the micro droplets that make true mist are created.  In several cases, MistyMate® products are used as an inexpensive sustainable substitute to large air conditioning units during summertime.


1. MistyMate® personal misters operate without batteries, motors, electronics or fans enabling them to deliver high pressure mist with virtually “no moving parts”.

2. MistyMate® misting systems attach di­rectly to a garden hose or outdoor spigot and run off of standard water pressure al­lowing them to conserve both energy and water.


We are proud of the enduring heritage that we created and we hope you will join us in becoming part of making our planet a better place to live for future generations.