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Cool Patio 20

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The professional grade Cool Patio 20 system provides a cool environment from the heat for your favorite outdoor areas.

Cool Patio 20

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Upgrade your outdoors with the power of mist. The professional grade Cool Patio 20 system provides a cool environment from the heat for your favorite outdoor areas.

This high-quality pre-assembled system comes complete with 11 of our exclusive micro-mist nozzles that deliver a continuous stream of ultra-fine mist, cooling the ambient temperature up to 30°F. Once the mist touches the skin, it flash-evaporates on contact ensuring a mild climate in even the hottest environments.

• 1/2” UV Resistant, Nylon Braided hose
• 20 ft of Mist Line
• 10 ft of Supply Line (preassembled to the Mist Line)
• 11 MicroMist Technology Misting Nozzles
• 11 plastic Nozzle Fittings (preassembled on the Mist Line with 2’ spacing)
• 22 Mounting Brackets

Note: This system cannot be used in conjunction with a Booster Pump. It is designed to be used with Standard Household Water Pressure only!

Customer Reviews

Kelly  (Sunday, August 2, 2015)
First off, what a great product. I love laying under it while laying in the sun..it also instantly cools the entire patio, even areas that aren't getting misted! A must...more >
Mod Squad  (Sunday, July 14, 2013)
Here in Texas where the temps are in the 100's, we decided to get one of these to help our dogs, they are indoor dogs but they want outside to play but it's just too hot...more >
Hot in Arizona  (Monday, July 8, 2013)
Bought this system at Sam's Club last weekend and installed it on the patio. Temperature outside was 112 deg F and it cooled it down to 75 in about 30 mins. Only probl...more >
MS  (Friday, July 27, 2012)
Your misters are great. I live in SC and have 3 older horses (all mid-20s) and the heat is really rough on them, and very hard the one that has the horse version of ast...more >
ROB  (Wednesday, May 9, 2012)
installed on my pier in less than 30min...felt the cool down immediately....it will be a sunbathers paradise this summer...only wish it came with more hose clamps but will search the site to see if they can be purchased here....
happy campers  (Thursday, April 12, 2012)
Installed very easily. Mist was perfect not wet, perfect. bought 2 one for front one for back yard very happy we did. Value was excellent. kids love bringing friends over to cool down.
Chillin' Out  (Saturday, July 16, 2011)
Installed the misting system on the two open sides of the porch in under an hour. Connected to the water supply and turned on. The misters required very liitle actual ...more >

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