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Personal Misters

Personal Misters

Our Personal Misters Cool the Air Up To 30 Degrees! MistyMate® is the leader in personal misters. From the standard MistyMate® Pump™ to the new Personal Cooling Products, rest assured that not only will you receive high quality misters, but you will also receive attention from our award winning Customer Service staff, who are eager to help with any questions you may have about our personal misters.


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  1. Arctic Mist

    Arctic Mist


    Out of stock

    The Arctic Mist is one of the original versions of the Misty Mate 16oz Pump. It is equivalent in performance to all other 16oz Models.
  2. MicroMist Plugs

    MicroMist Plugs


    Customize your misting system with these revolutionary MicroMist Nozzle Plugs and "shut off" the mist from individual nozzles. Available in a 5-pack or a 10-pack for $15.00 more.
  3. MicroMist Nozzles

    MicroMist Nozzles


    NEW REINFORCED & STRENGTHENED NOZZLE. MistyMate MicroMist Technology Nozzles are a new and unique alternative to the commonly used Brass misting nozzles.
  4. Classic Mistronic Fan

    Classic Mistronic Fan


    The Classic Mistronic Fan is an accessory for your Classic Series portable misters that helps to circulate and evaporate the mist, significantly enhancing the cooling effect.
  5. Misty 2.5

    Misty 2.5


    The perfect balance of micromist technology and mobility for everyday activities. The ultraslim, lightweight, and highly versatile Misty 2.5 personal mister is optimally designed for mobility.
  6. MISTPRO 3™

    MISTPRO 3™


    The ultraslim, lightweight and highly versatile MISTPRO 3™ is the hand-held personal mister of tomorrow - delivering premium performance and continuous ultra-fine mist on command.
  7. Misty 1

    Misty 1


    With the ultra-compact Misty 1 personal mister, staying cool has never been easier.


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