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  • Heat Exhaustion at Football Games

    6/14/10 12:38 PM

    For the football fans who attend football games in non-domed stadiums, Misty Mate offers youyour own personal mister! So no passing out during those hot and humid football games, let Misty Mate personal misters keep you cool and cheering all football season long!

    Posted by Misty Mate
  • Amusement Park Fun

    6/14/10 12:36 PM

    Many amusement parks also provide misters throughout their park to help with heat exhaustion by their visitors. So next time you head to Magic Mountain™, grab your Misty Mate personal mister and go wild!

    Posted by Misty Mate
  • Heatstroke Prevention with Misters

    6/14/10 12:35 PM

    According to The Mayo Clinic, “Heatstroke is the most severe of the heat-related problems, often resulting from exercise or heavy work in hot environments combined with inadequate fluid intake.”

    Posted by Misty Mate
  • World's Smallest Personal Mister

    6/14/10 12:32 PM

    Made from heat-resistant polycarbonate, the Misty 3’s modern design protects this personal mister from any heat damage while protecting the user from overwhelming hot temperatures and sun.

    Posted by Misty Mate
  • Combat the Heat with the Misty 8

    6/14/10 12:31 PM

    Meet the Misty 8, the world’s most advanced personal mister. Representing over 10 years of development, the Misty 8’s design allows for use in any hot or sunny environment without relying on batteries or any type of electricity.

    Posted by Misty Mate
  • 10oz Sport Breeze Personal Misters

    5/9/10 9:15 AM

    Why dread your time outdoors? Why spend another day sweating away the hours? At an affordable price of $19.99, Misty Mate’s 10 oz. Sport Breeze combo package brings misting and cooling powers to relieve high temperatures and hot sun.

    Posted by Misty Mate
  • The Future of Cooling

    5/9/10 9:14 AM

    Welcome to the future of staying cool.  With a sleek, ultra-modern design, the Misty 16 personal mister represents over 10 years of engineering and design development.

    Posted by Misty Mate

My Misty in the Gym.

"My MistyMate is 6 years old and still works fine. I use it every day at the gym! Yesterday, my friends and I entered a basketball tournament at our gym and decided to take use our personal misters during breaks. Final score: Team with MistyMate 12, Team without MistyMate 4!" Pat C., Canada

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